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Liberators Update 9/27

Sep 27, 2016 [GMT]

We’re bringing you guys a brand new update with some killer additions to improve your experience on the Liberators Battlefield! What can you expect from this expansion?

-        New Commander Relics for Rudel, Nearne, ZigZag and Rommel 
-        Card Masters (guide coming soon)
-        Unity (guide coming soon)
-        Airdrops (guide coming soon)
-        Two new Commanders! 
-        Two new languages! Romanian & Greek!
-        New First Recharge Commander – Kolobanov

And we’ve got a few bug fixes to alert you guys of:

-        Radar system drawing rewards
-        Inconsistency between Alliance Kill rankings and email rewards
-        Uncounted enemy kills in Alliance Wars
-        Free drink countdown in pub

There are a few other new additions as well, such as the optimization of Commander Rarity display, workshop item list refreshes upon upgrading, and much, much more! We won’t stop working on bringing you the best browser game of 2016! March on, soldiers! 

See you on the battlefield!
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